Payne Strongly Opposes $40 Billion in Cuts to SNAP

Sep 18, 2013 Issues: Local Issues

Congressman Donald M. Payne, Jr. said:

"I’m not one who likes to go on and on about statistics, but as we debate this Nutrition Bill, there is one that struck a chord with me:   One in four...yes, one in four children go to bed hungry every night.

"I’m not talking about children in Africa, China or India.  I’m talking about 1 in 4 children who live right here in the United States who go to sleep without adequate nutrition.

"For me, and the 1 million New Jerseyans on SNAP, this is a complete and total outrage.  

"We live in the greatest country on Earth, yet 17 million children in this country don’t get the nutrition that they need.

"Last year alone, SNAP lifted four million people out of poverty. The bill on the floor this week, which would cut SNAP by nearly 40 billion dollars, will only ensure that these people are pushed right back into poverty. 

"That’s why I strongly oppose this Nutrition Assistance Bill. And I urge my colleagues to examine their consciences and remember that when they cast their vote, they are voting for, or against, 1 in 4 children in this country who still go to bed hungry at night."