Payne Describes the Pain In NJ Due to Shutdown

“Mr. Speaker, this madness has got to stop.  
“Yesterday, I heard from a local homeless shelter in Irvington, New Jersey that is struggling to provide for the overwhelming amount of homeless new mothers. These are new mothers who can’t feed their babies now that their WIC benefits have been cut off. Because of the government shutdown, homeless shelters across New Jersey are running low on baby formula, diapers, and food to feed these mothers and their newborn babies. 
“This kind of story is shameful, and it’s happening all over New Jersey. The pain I see in my district is very real, and it could get a whole lot worse. If we choose not to pay our bills on time one-and-a-half million people in New Jersey may not get their Social Security checks, and 50,000 disabled veterans in New Jersey may not get their medical bills paid.
“Congress has two simple jobs:  (1) open the government, and (2) pay our bills on time. These are non-negotiable. The Republican Tea Party shouldn’t hold the country hostage. Let’s get to fixing America’s problems again, instead of creating them.”