Payne Demands that the Government Reopen

Rep. Payne, Jr. said:
"Mr. Speaker, our democracy is supposed to be the example for the world. But the example we have set with this Republican government shutdown is beyond shameful.  Some of my Republican colleagues are actually celebrating this shutdown, saying quote 'This is exactly what they wanted.' Who are they listening to?  It certainly isn’t the American people. 
"I fear that survivors of Hurricane Sandy who have lost everything will be left without the relief they need and that the 31,000 federal workers in New Jersey on furlough will wonder how they’ll make ends meet.  I worry about the veterans who have fought for this country – but have come home to broken promises -- and the more than 9 million women, infants and children who will be cut from WIC, nutritional assistance they need to survive.  
"We cannot pick and choose winners and losers in this fight.  So I urge my Republican colleagues to act responsibly.  Put a clean CR on the floor and let’s start working for the American people again.  Because they shouldn’t have to suffer for the Republicans’ inability to govern any longer."