Calls on GOP Leaders to Convene Conference Committee

Apr 24, 2013 Issues: Fiscal Responsibility

"Repeatedly, Republicans have reprimanded Senate Democrats, claiming budget negotiations have stalled because the Senate has failed to pass a budget.  Now, Senate Democrats have done their part. Republican leaders in the House must do the same, by convening a conference committee to resolve our budget differences openly and honestly. That is the procedure Congress has always followed; that is regular order.  

"The best interest of the American people shouldn’t have to sit on the back burner any longer. Unemployment remains too high. Wages are stagnant. Sequestration is taking its toll. We need to address our country’s challenges and create jobs, reduce the deficit, and strengthen our middle class while creating ladders of opportunity for those working hard to climb into the middle class. These are our top priorities. Sometimes these priorities get lost in the shuffle of partisan bickering.  But we have to set partisanship aside and finally do what’s in our power to help the people who sent us here. I urge Republican leaders to follow regular order and create a conference committee now."