Afro Immigrants and Immigration Reform

Apr 17, 2013 Issues: Local Issues

Remarks prepared for delivery: "Creating an immigration process for new American immigrants is not just an issue that will shape the future for one group.  So much is at stake for the 3 million black immigrants that live and work here.   They are a vital part of our future as hardworking, upstanding individuals in search of freedom and a better life.  They deserve a fair system that works. And they are more than just numbers on a page.

"Last week, a young lady came to my office who was born in America to Haitian parents. Her name is Natalie.  Natalie is a graduate student who has jobs lined up. She’s ready to work and commit herself to this country.  But Natalie can’t do those things because of our broken immigration system. She’s neither recognized as a citizen here, or in Haiti.  While in tears, she said she has no home. She can’t see her family. She’s scared, and she feels alone. Natalie is one of those 11 million.  It’s time to pass common sense legislation that fixes our immigration system once and for all – one that serves our interests and reflects our values – for Natalie, and the eleven million other Natalies who call America home."