Appropriations Requests

2022 Appropriations Request

Congressman Payne, Jr. is dedicated to helping organizations in New Jersey's 10th District.  For your Appropriations Request, please read the eligibility criteria and selection guidance carefully before you submit it.  Once submitted, this request becomes public information and eligible for funding.  Given the limited amount of funding for requests and the number of organizations that submit requests, only a certain number of requests are accepted per year.  If your request isn't accepted this year, please apply again next year.  Requests must be merit-based and comply with all House rules for appropriations.  

The deadline for requests is April 14th.  If you have questions about whether your organization is eligible to apply or would like to state your case for funding personally, please contact our District Office (202) 225-3436 or our Newark Office at (973) 645-3213.

There are two types of Appropriations Requests.

Programmatic Request:

If your organization participates in a federally-funding program, submit your request here.


Community Project Funding Request: 

If you have a community project or activity that benefits New Jersey's 10th Congressional District, submit your request here.