Rep. Payne, Jr., Issues Statement on the Indictment of 13 Russians for Interference in U.S. Elections

Feb 16, 2018

“Today’s grand jury indictment against 13 Russian nationals over interference with the 2016 elections in the United States proves how essential Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is to this country," said Rep. Payne, Jr. "Too many Republicans in Congress have sought to sweep the question of Russian interference into U.S. elections under the rug, but Americans deserve to know the extent of foreign meddling in our elections. It is imperative that Special Counsel Mueller be free to continue his independent investigation without political interference.

“According to the Congressional Task Force on Election Security, our electoral system is ‘highly vulnerable’. The sanctity of our elections is not a partisan issue. Congress needs to act swiftly to pass laws that protect the integrity of our elections before Americans head to the polls again in November.”