Payne Opposes Reckless Republican Government Shutdown Bill

Sep 29, 2013 Issues: Economy and Jobs, Fiscal Responsibility

“Tonight, House Republicans recklessly voted to shut down the government, hurting America’s families and risking the financial stability of our economy. It is irresponsible that House Republican leadership would bow to an extreme minority that is obsessed with defunding the Affordable Care Act and is willing to sabotage the government and throw our economy off a cliff.  Regardless of what Republicans try to proclaim, a “yes” vote tonight was a disastrous vote to shut down the government. 

“This bill denies the ability for nearly 50 million uninsured Americans to have access to quality, affordable health care and actually creates more spending by delaying the Affordable Care Act for a year.  A government shutdown will cost the American people $150 million a day the government is closed.  It will deprive pregnant women and infants nutritional assistance; it will lead to disruptions in veterans’ benefit payments, Social Security payments, and SBA loans for small businesses; and it will threaten our national security.

“The complete lack of leadership and political courage demonstrated by the House Republican leadership is disappointing. Eighty percent of the American people believe that threatening a government shutdown during budget debates is unacceptable. The House GOP is either completely out of touch with the people they have been elected to represent, or even worse, they simply do not care that they are hurting millions of people and their families. The American people deserve the truth: House Republicans are solely responsible for a government shutdown.”