Payne Marks Four Year Anniversary of Latest Minimum Wage Hike

Jul 24, 2013 Issues: Local Issues, Economy and Jobs

Washington, D.C.Congressman Donald M. Payne, Jr. marked the four-year anniversary of the last minimum wage hike to $7.25 an hour today by urging Congress to pass the Fair Minimum Wage Act, a bill on which he is a cosponsor.

“With productivity and profits reaching all time highs, it is long overdue to give minimum wage workers the pay they have earned and the pay they deserve,” Rep. Payne, Jr. said.  “In the greatest nation on Earth, no one who works two or three jobs should have to live in poverty. Let’s do what’s right by our people and pass the Fair Minimum Wage Act to provide a pay that is fair and worthy of the work our minimum wage workers perform.”

Throughout the years, the federal minimum wage has remained stagnant and in fact has decreased in value as it has failed to keep pace with cost of living increases and is in reality lower than it was during the time of President Ronald Reagan. In New Jersey, Governor Chris Christie vetoed a bill earlier this year that would have allowed minimum wage to increase from $7.25 to $8.50. Nevertheless, this November, New Jerseyans have the opportunity to strengthen the economy and provide economic security to so many families that have been struggling in this economy by voting to raise the minimum wage.

“A $10.10 minimum wage is a necessary step forward to building stronger families and workers,” Rep Payne, Jr. continued.  “I will continue working hard to make sure that New Jerseyans turn out in great numbers to raise the minimum wage to, at the very least, $8.50 this November, and will continue working in Washington to see to it that we raise the minimum wage on the national level. The people of this country, and the great state of New Jersey, deserve a wage they can live on to support their families, put a roof over their heads, and put dinner on the table at night.”