Payne, Jr. Statement on 80th Anniversary of Social Security

August 14, 2015
Press Release

Newark, N.J. – Today, Congressman Donald M. Payne, Jr. (NJ-10) released the following statement marking 80 years since President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act into law:

“Today marks 80 years since President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed into law Social Security, a program that has secured the futures of millions of Americans.

“Social Security is indispensable for the majority of our nation’s retirees, who depend on the program to maintain their standard of living. Expanding the program’s benefits will provide a source of stability for the millions of Americans who currently lack sufficient resources to be secure in their retirement.

“Social Security also lifts 22 million Americans, including 1 million children, out of poverty and provides critical safeguards for American families, individuals with disabilities, and the survivors of deceased workers. 

“I staunchly oppose any plan that cuts this critical program, which ensures that the most vulnerable can pursue lives of opportunity and security. We must protect and strengthen Social Security for every generation of Americans.”