Rep. Payne, Jr. promotes Prostate Cancer Awareness during Honorary Month

Sep 26, 2019

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Congressman Donald M. Payne, Jr. Promotes National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Washington, D.C. — Congressman Donald M. Payne, Jr. issued a resolution this week to express his support for the designation of September 2019 as National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.  The resolution would raise awareness about prevention and treatments of prostate cancer, the second most deadly form of cancer for men. 

Congressman Payne, Jr., co-chair of the Congressional Men’s Health Caucus, wanted the resolution to encourage more men to get screened and possibly treatment before the cancer becomes life threatening. 

“Prostate cancer is a serious concern for all men,” said Congressman Payne, Jr.  “But it is more important to me as an African American man because we are far more likely to get and die from prostate cancer.”

Prostate cancer deserves more attention, particularly for men.  The American Cancer Society estimates that almost 175,000 men were diagnosed with it in 2019 and more than 31,000 men will die from the disease.  It is particularly deadly in men because studies have shown that they are the least likely to get routine health exams or visit a doctor when they have a health concern.  If the disease spreads unchecked, it can kill 70 percent of afflicted men within five years.    

The Congressman issued the resolution in conjunction with Rep. Markwayne Mullin, co-chair of the Congressional Men’s Health Caucus.  Rep. Mullin said it is a health issue that should concern all men.    

“Prostate cancer is a deadly disease that affects too many men in our nation,” said Representative Mullin.  “(It) does not discriminate.  I’m proud today to join my colleague and co-chair of the Men’s Health Caucus, Rep. Donald Payne, Jr. to introduce this important resolution recognizing National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. I’m hopeful that we can continue to work in a bipartisan fashion to increase prevention and early detection to help save the lives of men across the country.”

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