Payne Blasts House Republican Budget

Washington, D.C. – Rep. Donald M. Payne, Jr. released the following statement after the House passed the Republican Budget for Fiscal Year 2014. This is the third year in a row that every Democrat has opposed the Republican budget:

“The House Republican budget is a disaster of epic proportions as it kills jobs, cuts critical investments in our future, raises taxes on the middle class, and destroys the safety net for working families and seniors.. The House Republican Budget is proof that Republicans aren’t serious about offering real solutions to the American people. Rather, they offered an insincere reiteration of their failed policy proposals that were at the forefront of the Romney-Ryan 2012 campaign, which were abjectly rejected by the American people last November.  

“The Republican’s ‘Path to Prosperity,’ is really a ‘path to pain,” hurting New Jersey’s working families, middle class, children, and seniors most.  It not only ratifies sequestration, but it mandates even further painful cuts to discretionary spending, and economists estimate that the price of these cuts will amount to a loss of two million American jobs next year alone.  

“It asks middle class families to pay more in taxes to pay for a massive tax break to millionaires and billionaires.  According to economic studies, the House Republican Budget would provide the wealthiest Americans an average $245,000 in tax breaks, while forcing the typical middle class family to pay on average $3,000 more. And the deep investment cuts will hit low income families hardest, slashing programs like SNAP and Head Start as well as cutting educational funding for the disadvantaged – all critical investments that many families in my Congressional district rely on to put food on the table and provide an education for their children. 

“Moreover, the Republican budget will be disastrous for our seniors. It ends Medicare as we know it, and turns it into a voucher system, forcing seniors to pay thousands more in out-of-pocket costs for their care. And finally, the Republican Budget would repeal Obamacare, resulting in higher prescription drug costs to seniors, an elimination of insurance to children with pre-existing conditions, and millions of young adults being kicked off their parents’ health care plans. 

“Put simply, the House Republican budget fails to address the needs and concerns of New Jersey’s families and seniors. New Jerseyans want Democrats and Republicans to come together to create solutions, not continue fighting old political battles.  They want to reduce the deficit and strengthen our economy, but not on the backs of seniors and the middle class.  It’s time to stop posturing and start listening.”