Rep. Payne, Jr. votes to Improve New Jersey Roads and Increase Military Pay

November 19, 2019
Press Release

Media Contact:    Patrick Wright -- (202) 225-3436 --

Washington, D.C. — Today, Congressman Donald M. Payne, Jr. voted for a bill to secure $412 million in federal funding for New Jersey to repair state highways.  The state was in danger of losing that money if it didn’t spend it before July, 2020.      

Also, the bill would give soldiers a 3.1 percent pay raise, continue to provide food for low-income seniors, fully fund the U.S. census in 2020 to make sure all Americans are counted, and avoid a government shut-down.    

Congressman Payne, Jr. said he was proud to support a bill that helped improve New Jersey’s roads and provides so many benefits to Americans. 

“New Jersey and other states should be able to spend money to fix roads when they need to be fixed,” said Congressman Payne, Jr.  “This bill gives states that freedom and provides desperately needed funds to several areas of vital importance, such as diabetes research and community health centers for low-income residents.  I hope the Senate passes it quickly, so we can keep the government open and get New Jersey those infrastructure funds immediately.” 

The bill, named the Continuing Appropriations Act of 2020 and Health Extenders Act of 2019, would benefit the country in several other ways.  It restores $7.6 billion in federal highway funding to all the states.  In health care, it continues funding for the Community Health Centers Fund and two other health care workforce programs that support the training of health providers in underserved areas. 

It supports research to prevent and find a possible cure for diabetes.  It funds educational programs to teach adolescents how to avoid teen pregnancy and sexually-transmitted diseases as well as how to have healthy relationships.  In addition, it will help Americans who qualify for Medicare to learn about the program and enroll in it.